We are a small team working with like minded associates who value public services, volunteering and sustainable development.

Dr Yeow Poon facilitates local government, civil services and non-government organisations with strategic planning, change management and capacity building.  He has worked on both small and large projects and has supported government departments and local authorities as well as voluntary and community based groups in the UK and internationally in China, Vietnam, Lao PDR, Myanmar, South Africa and other countries.  Yeow is the Chair of the Chinese Community Centre in Birmingham and the President of the England China Business Forum.  He is a fellow of the Chartered Management Institute and a member of the Institute of Environment Sciences.

Jutta Stahlhacke supports local communities with feasibility studies, consultations and evaluations, including working with children and young adults.  She has delivered numerous public consultations on urban development projects, as well as business to business surveys.  She is especially interested in the application of crafts and design to support community development in the UK and third world countries.  Jutta is a member of the Chartered Management Institute.